Thursday, January 24, 2019

CosCon 2019 - Mini Mech - Ground Station Zebra!

The Eastern Socialist Republic is staging a daring raid into Western Alliance territory!

Scenario will be affected by the results of the Battletech game (Operation Steel Lion) on Friday night, run by Nick Norante.

"Thirty klicks into Western Alliance territory sits Ground Station Zebra. The jewel of the WA defensive line, GS Zebra was designed to detect any incursions by the aggressive Eastern Socialist Republic. Zebra is bristling with radar, seismic detectors, and cutting edge sensors, however the major threat to any attacking ESR forces is Zebra's Quantum Communications Array. Unjammable, unhackable, instantaneous, Zebra's QCA will give ample warning to WA Forces.
After months of painstaking observation and a little light espionage, the ESR believes they have found a minor but exploitable hole in GS Zebra's coverage. Now planning a general offensive all along the boarder, ESR high command has give the commandos of the elite Xiphos Division the herculean task of disabling Ground Station Zebra before the main attack." - Operation Steel Lion

Scenario forces on both sides will be affected by the casualties of the Battletech game.

If the forward observation post, Ground Station Zebra, is successfully eliminated, ESR forces will gain a deployment advantage. If not, the WA forces will have an early warning and be able to move defensive forces into position.

Results: Operation Steel Lion - ESR was successful in destroying the capacitor objectives and damaging the station. Ground Station Zebra - An assault squad of 4 heavies backed by 5 more squads of mixed mech units launched a full scale attack on the WA repair facilities. Defenders were finally able to bring up some heavy tanks, stalling the ESR attack within a whisker of destroying a repair facility.

There were 13 people playing with upwards of 24 mechs per side and the game took a little over 2.5 hours. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

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