Thursday, April 25, 2013

15mm Bot Comparison Pics

GZG Spider Drones (V15-84B, V15-84A)

GZG Wheeled Drones (V15-69C, V15-69A)

GZG Recon/Patrol Walker Drone (V15-46A)

GZG Gunbots (V15-68A)

GZG Wheeled MAWP (V15-62A)

GZG 2mm Tripod Combat Walker (GMM-06)

Friday, April 19, 2013

6mm Power Armor Comparison

From left to right: CinC Dreadnaught armor (SEM-21), Scotia Grendel (SF1003) Powered Armor troops, Fleet Mecha (FS05, FS02). Background: GZG 6mm combat walkers.

 From left to right: GZG NAC infantry (DSM-127), GZG NAC power armor (DSM-128), GZG NSL power armor(DSM-129). Background: GZG 6mm combat walkers.

From left to right: GZG 2mm tracked mecha (GMM-16), Pendraken 10mm Marines in battle armor with heavy weapons (SF14), GZG 6mm combat walkers