Monday, September 19, 2016

Mini Mech - Fall in! 2016

Notice! - I will be running this scenario at Fall in! 2016

Hold The Line!

Saturday - (5-9) PM, 4 Hours, 8 Players

Sponsored by: Ground Zero Games
Period: SciFi, Scale: 6mm, Rules: Mini Mech

Eastern Socialist Republic forces launch a massive counterattack, after the bold sneak attack, and withdrawal, by Western Alliance forces. The ESR has decided this is the perfect opportunity to test some of their advanced mech technology. Mini mech is a fun, fast paced, set of rules designed for simulated combat between companies of tiny mechs and combat walkers.

Special Scenario Units

(WA) Atmospheric Fighters: Armor 4, Range 8, Damage 4, Fly 20

(WA) Light Mech Missle platform: Armor 3, Range 10, Damage 2 (move as light mech) 

(ESR) Advanced Tech Medium Mech: Armor 5, Range 8, Damage 2 (move as medium mech)
   Special: Missle attack: Range 12, Damage 3 (one use per game)

Conventional Forces Movement

- Air Fighter moves during Light Mech activation

Conventional Forces Combat

- Aircraft are +1 to hit (as a light mech)