Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Mini Mech v1.3 Rules

The Mini Mech rules have been updated!

These changes have been in the pipeline, following feedback and play-testing. I don't feel the game has changed at all really, just streamlined a few things that weren't necessary and adjusted the physical combat to play a larger role in the game. It's still the fast and explode-y game it's always been!

The latest Mini Mech v1.3 rules

The latest v1.3 QRS

Mini Mech - Conventional Forces v0.1 - Alpha

As always, your feedback is welcomed!

Changes from v1.2 to v1.3
- Initiative and turn sequence has been changed to alternating mech classes, lights first.
- "Too Hot" rolls for running or jumping AND shooting will occur afterwards
- "Too Hot" checks adjusted for less malfunctions
- Shut down malfunction changed
- Malfunction Check table changed.
- Physical combat has been changed, no damage to successful attackers

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

15mm Mercs

Here's the first group of  skirmishers to be finished up. I've been planning on doing a Necromunda/Star Wars/Firefly influenced skirmish game for some time now. Check out Scott Pyle's Four Color Figure Blog for the stuff that inspired me. Still plenty more to paint, along with some new Law Officers from for a little Dredd flavor as well. For rules, I've originally planned on USE ME, but after playing some Quar, I may go with Flying Lead. I also want to see how Blasters & Bulkheads works for a campaign game. There are also some new Dredd rules from Mongoose, along with stats for judges in Rogue Trooper. Plenty of choices!