Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mini Mech scenario for Historicon 2014

I've received confirmation of my Mini Mech game, scheduled for Saturday at 9am. Here is the description of the scenario, along with the extra rules for the Extraction Team bases. I'll add more info/make changes as play testing occurs.

Operation Pooti-Poot!

6mm Sci Fi - Mini Mech rules
Sponsored by GZG
8 people : 3-4 hours

Intelligence reports indicate that the Eastern Socialist Republic has developed advanced Mech technology. Western Alliance advance forces must make a ground assault to capture the spaceport at Putislovstok. Tech extraction teams will then land and be escorted to the facility to gather any data, then withdraw. This will be a highly coordinated assault. The spaceport must be held while the extraction teams are on site. Escort of the extraction teams will also be necessary. Opposition forces are scattered but can be reinforced quickly. Expect a security force at the research facility and security patrols in and around the spaceport.

Special Scenario Units:

Infantry Drop ship: Armor 5, Range 6, Damage 3, Fly 15, Cargo 2 ( I decided to use 3 small drop ships, holding 2 infantry bases each, to hopefully ensure that some of the extraction teams will survive.)

Infantry Extraction Teams: Armor 2, Range 3, Damage 1, Walk 1 (and shoot), Run 3 (no shooting), No Jump

Conventional Forces Movement:

- Infantry Drop Ship moves during Light Mech activation.
- Infantry Extraction Teams move during the Medium Mech activation.

Conventional Forces Combat:

- Infantry are +1 to hit (as a light mech)
- Infantry will do 2 damage to any mech they successfully attack while adjacent
- Aircraft are +1 to hit (as a light mech)