Thursday, March 21, 2013

New basing for my 6mm Sci Fi

Baccus Command Horizon human infantry and support weapons and light APCs

GZG NAC infantry, SJ Games Ogre light and heavy tanks, and some GZG Tortoise walkers

It's been a slow start to the year post-wise, but I've been working hard to re-base my old Command Horizon troops to something more usable with current 6mm sci fi rules. I'm definitely planning on playing some FWC with these factions, and hopefully try out some NetEpic as well. Adding conventional forces to Mini Mech is also on the list, and these troops will work fine for testing.

Most of the infantry has been re-based, with the exception of command bases for the green faction. I'm slowly getting the tanks re-based, trying to get core armies completed, before my ADD points me towards some other project.

This project has also revealed to me the shoebox full of bare metal 6mm sci fi still waiting to be based and painted. I'm gonna need a bigger boat.