Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rebel Pilot Helmet

I started working EVA foam and the first project is an attempt at a Rebel Pilot Helmet.

Here is the first in a series of tutorials on making a foam helmet:

I'm following this as much as I can.

I started by making a foil and tape pattern blank by wrapping an old racing helmet.

I've gotten the foam pieces cut out and ready to glue, but I'll take some pics of the patterns and such to fill in the process.

Cutting off the foil/tape. I forgot to take a pic of the lines for the pattern pieces, but it's about the same as the tutorial.

Here are the pieces flattened. You can see the registration marks along the connecting edges. These are very important.
Pattern transferred to brown paper. I used a compass to add the circular detail for the side of the helmet.
Foam pieces cut out. As per the tutorial, a very sharp knife and 90 degree cuts are very important.
The 2 center pieces, curved with the heat gun and glued together with nasty contact cement. Good ventilation is key!
The 2 side pieces with the darts glued together.
Left side glued to the center pieces.
Right side glued to the center pieces.
Completed view from the other side.

You don't really get a sense of the size here, but it's gigantic. I mean Space Balls sized. I just scrapped it. I've gotten into 3d printing and will just attempt to print out a rebel pilot helmet instead.

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