Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Game Day - NOVAG

I managed to get motivated and put together a game of Mini Mech for a local gaming group's (NOVAG) Spring game day. The board is different now that the buildings have hex fillers under them for easier terrain and LOS recognition. This does make it easier to do some set-up prior to travel. I use straight pins to hold down all the rigid felt pieces and add the last few that fall on the tile seams at final set-up.

This makes it much easier to add the buildings later as well. I need to make a few more fillers and a few more building bases and the board will be fairly dense.

I ran 2 games. The first was the learning curve and things moved along fairly well. The second game was me vs one of the first players of the day and it was very close. Probably one of the best games I've played so far.
It all came down to my last 2 medium mechs vs his last heavy. The dice decided at that point. Great stuff!

The rule changes worked out well. I thought the new initiative with alternating mech class activation worked great. There was a bit more hth than usual, but I tend to shoot and scoot, so I didn't attempt any. I've got a few notes to address a few things that occurred that aren't specifically mentioned in the rules and they should run smooth indeed. Now it's on to ironing out the conventional force stats and do more play-testing.

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