Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mini Mech Scenario for Historicon 2015

Scenario for Historicon 2015

This scenario has been submitted to HMGS for Historicon. I'll post updates as they occur.


 6mm Sci Fi - Mini Mech rules
Sponsored by GZG
8 people : 3-4 hours

Western Alliance forces managed to do heavy damage to the Eastern Socialist Republic's advanced Mech research facility, but were unable to capture any data. The remnants of the WA assault force must join up with scout and support units and make their way back to safety. ESR patrols have been called in to cut off any retreat.

Special Scenario Units

Atmospheric Fighters: Armor 4, Range 8, Damage 4, Fly 20

Light Mech Missle platform: Armor 3, Range 10, Damage 2 (move as light mech)

Conventional Forces Movement

- Air Fighter moves during Light Mech activation

Conventional Forces Combat

- Aircraft are +1 to hit (as a light mech)

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