Tuesday, January 1, 2013

24th Regiment of Foot - South Wales Borderers - Collar Badges

I wish I had taken more pictures of the process. I may go back and redo these if I still can't get a hold of reproductions. I started by creating a vector graphic, tracing the outline and detail lines from a pic of a pair of badges. The images came out to about an inch high. I printed out various sizes but stuck with the original 1" height. I took 1mm plasticard and cut out a blank shape of the 2 badges. I then mixed up some epoxy-sculpt and covered the blank with a 2 - 3 mm layer of putty, trying to get it as flat and smooth as possible. Using the EGYPT banner as a guide, I placed a print of the vector image and using a pin in a pin vise, I proceeded to poke holes through the paper, into the putty, along the detail lines.

The key to the hole poking is to let the putty sit for about 30 - 45 minutes. The first badge was way too soft and sticky and I lost a ton putty, stuck to the back of the paper.

After transferring the detail lines, I used sculpting tools to create smooth lines and depth. If I had time, I'd put more putty in various layers to bring out the depth even more.

 The pair. I have sanding to do to straighten out the edges and smooth things a bit before priming and painting.
 This second one came out better, after waiting for the putty to cure a bit before starting to transfer the detail lines.
The text on this first one is horrible. It was the learning process. I'll add the paint and wash pics later.

 I superglued pairs of pin backs to each one, primed and then sprayed with a metallic brass paint. I thought it was dark and used the brightest gold paint I had in my palette to do some dry-brushing on it. I also did a weak wash with a chesnut ink. Alas, my "polished gold" was the same shade as the "shiny brass" so it didn't brighten up much. A coat of  "Future" for some shine and protection and they are done. The tone does match the belt buckle and the regimental numbers on the epaulettes so they'll have to do.

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