Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6mm French infantry

Here are the 5 bases, ready for flocking. They came out pretty good. One issue that I need to work on is the gapping that occurs within the ranking, where all the strips of infantry come in contact. Perhaps using more glue and then dropping sand will help cover the gaps. I've started prepping sticks of cavalry and artillery crews.
I'm really looking forward to playing some Napoleonics again.


  1. Awesome! I have a bunch of Adler Napoleonics that I have to get around to again. What ruleset are you basing these for?

  2. Thanks guys!

    These are on the polemos bases that came with the starter army. My friends and I have played Grande Armee, and I have had the Lasalle rules for a while now. These bases will work with Lasalle. Also looking at Paintingshed's rules as well as maybe trying a Leipzig Lite-type game with Old Trousers.