Monday, September 12, 2011


I got the crazy idea that I would convert my old Command Horizon bases over to Ogre. I already had an ogre III-B from an earlier plan to use it with CH. I created a template and drew hexes on a 6x10 mat. I relabeled some of the bases with the appropriate stats from Ogre and GEV, although I'm sadly lacking in missle tanks and howitzers. There are some hybrid units that don't really match up with the game stats, so I may have to make some up.

We playtested the basic ogre scenario over the weekend. I think it worked out well.

Side A:
Ogre III-B

Side B:
21 pts Infantry
4 Hvy Tanks
4 Lt Tanks
1 Msl Tank
2 Mbl Hwtz

Some tweaks will have to be made, but overall is was a fun game. I plan on relabeling the rest of the bases, creating stats for a few of the non-ogre units, and setting up a GEV scenario so each side can have ogres and conventional units. I might have to make some more infantry bases too.

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