Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Williamsburg Muster

 I ran the Speeder Bike game again with a few minor adjustments to the track and the rules. I put a gate on the other side of the Hutt palace, to create a short lap. There were a few minor changes to the rules, but I think there will be some significant changes after a few more playtests.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

HMGS Fall In 2023

Yorba the Hutt presents - The Bantha 500 from sunny scenic Mos Vegas!

 I ran a speeder bike racing game at Fall In this year. Happy to say that it went fairly well for a first-time run at a con. Playtesting showed some issues, and adjustments were made. I think 10 people might be a bit too much for a 3 - 4 hour game. Here are some pics:

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A Clash of Demons - Historicon 2023

I was originally going to run this at a Coscon, but Pandemic. I've got some more ideas for the scenario and will be running it at Historicon 2023. I plan on making a few changes to this post as I work through some ideas.

The city of New Amsternik has been registering seismic activity for the past 2 weeks. It's a steady rhythm, as if something incredibly large is slowly walking. The tremors are getting more violent, as the pace stays the same. Scouting units have encountered a screen of ESR forces that is virtually impenetrable. Too many air units have been lost, without any reports, and satellites are knocked out as quickly as they can be sent up. Something big is approaching.

Western Alliance forces are in a panic. Their defense tech scientists have been working feverishly to build mechs that can withstand the assault of the Eastern Socialist Republic. They must complete the testing and outfitting of their super-heavy mech designs if there's any way they can stop the ESR from taking more territory. This is a vital supply point for the WA.

ESR military commanders are confident that the new "City-Killer" configuration of their ultra-heavy mech technology will be a complete success. New Amsternik is an important supply point for WA forces, and will give the ESR a much-needed foothold to advance further into WA territory.

Mini Mech v1.6 Rules

Scenario Rules:

Weapon Range
Weapon Damage
Walk / Run / Jump
City-Killer Mech
1 hex ea. L/M/H
Ultra-Hvy Mech
2 / 2 / 0
Missle Defense
Heavy Tank

The City-Killer mech is the pride of the ESR. Surely nothing can withstand the magnitude of it's firepower! It can move 1 hex in each of the light/medium/heavy movement phases. It can choose to fire once per turn in any phase.

The WA is desperate. On the defensive for so long, they need to stop the ESR and start pushing them back. WA techs have managed to rapidly assemble some stationary defenses and a few larger mechs. Perhaps in conjunction with the super heavy tanks, it may be enough to stop the ESR demons.

The WA took their best Heavy mech and upgraded it as best they could. The Ultra-Heavy mech has just been up-gunned, up-armored, and given a slightly larger reactor.

WA Missle Defense positions are just hardened buildings with armored missle racks. Each position can fire once per turn, in any of the mech phases, and has enough missles for 6 reloads.

WA heavy tanks played a key roll in stalling the ESR assault at Ground Station Zebra. They have been hurriedly repaired and restocked in preparation for this defensive action.

Monday, March 20, 2023

CosCon 2023

 CosCon (Circle of Swords) Con 2023 in Butler Pa. Fantastic gaming, as usual, with some truly amazing table set-ups. Enjoy!