Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini Mech Types 1

AT-71 Hound Dog Infantry Walker (GZG DSM-139) and 
AT-71B Hound Dog Support Walker (GZG DSM-140) (2 poses each)

 Pkz VII STURMKAMPFER Infantry Walker (GZG DSM-143) and 
K56 FAT BOY Infantry Walker (GZG DSM-142) (2 poses each)

VBP-2 TORTOISE Infantry Walker (GZG DSM-141) (2 poses) and 
Talon Light Attack Combat Walker (GZG DF-W02) (1 pose) and 
Stalker Light Scout Combat Walker (GZG DF-W01) (1 pose)

 Robot Legion Velon Skirmishers (OG 15ALN-117) (multiple poses) and 
Mechwarrior Clicks Kanazuchi Battle Armor (1 pose)

NSL Power Armor Pack (GZG DSM-129) (old pack with the infantry stands included, 4 of 8 bases)

Mini Mech Types 2

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  1. I'll definately keep an eye on this project!
    I'm even considering buying some of those GZG models to try and play Heavy Gear Blitz in 6mm.
    I could even upgrade them using these: